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EmotionalSupportDogVest.com is proud to offer the highest quality kits for your Emotional Support Dog.

Each kit includes free Emotional Support Dog registration.

You will be issued a registration number that will be listed within our database for the life of your dog.

Every kit includes a downloadable SAMPLE Emotional Support Dog letter, this letter is meant to act as a template for your mental healthcare professional as many Dr.’s are not familiar with writing such a letter.

All kits are offered with free shipping using USPS priority mail.

Our Premium ESA Kit includes a mesh Emotional Support Dog vest with a patriotic metallic ESA patch sew to the top, an ESA tag that can be worn on a dog collar, two Emotional Support Animal ID badges customized with you and your dogs information on it, including your ESA registration number, a digital copy of your ID card, one ID badge holder, a 4 foot Emotional Support Animal leash and a Registered Emotional Support Animal Certificate.

With the products offered in our kits you should have all of the identification and documentation you will need for your ESA.

Although Emotional Support Dogs do not need to be certified or registered having this identification makes travel easier.

There is no Emotional Support Dog certification or Emotional Support Animal registration offered through any governmental agency.

When you register your ESA with any company you are registering within their companies database.