Traveling with your ESA

Traveling with your ESA

Qualifying Emotional Support Dogs are offered protection through the Air Carrier Access Act and it allows your pet to accompany you in the cabin of any airplane traveling within US.
You cannot be charged a fee for your Emotional Support Animal as long as you have the required documentation. Please contact the airline before you travel as each airline has its own requirements.  

Can I bring my Emotional Support Dog on a plane?

Every airline will require you to show an Emotional Support Dog letter. That letter must be written by a therapist prescribing you an ESA due to your emotional disability. Having an ESA letter will allow your pet to accompany you on the plane and you cannot be charged any additional fees.

What other identification will I need when traveling with my ESA?

Airlines now strongly recommend that your support dog be wearing an Emotional Support Dog vest in addition to having  an ESA ID badge. Although not a requirement it helps alert fellow passengers and crew members he/she is more than just a pet.