Why identify your ESA?

Why Identify your ESA

EmotionalSupportDogVest.com offers all of the identification you will need in any one of our high quality kits.

Our premium kit includes; 2 ID Badges, an ID card holder, a digital ID Badge, an ESA tag, an ESA vest, a SAMPLE Emotional Support Dog Letter, a Registered Emotional Support Animal Certification Certificate and Emotional Support Dog leash.

Identifying your animal is important in letting the public know this is an animal that is more than a pet.

What is an Emotional Support Dog Letter?

An Emotional Support Animal Letter is written by a licensed therapist simply stating you meet the requirements to receive a prescription for an Emotional Support Animal.

Do I need an ID card for my Emotional Support Animal?

 Although not a requirement,  having a personalized ID Badge for your Emotional Support Dog  can be very helpful if asked for identification.

Do Emotional Support Dogs need to wear a vest?

It is important to set your dog apart from others. An Emotional Support Dog vest is a perfect way to show the public it is more than just a pet. Wearing an ESA vest may help create access where pets are not normally allowed.