Housing With Your ESA

Housing with your ESA

In accordance with a federal law, the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988, landlords and property managers are required to make reasonable accommodation for a tenant with an Emotional Support Animal.

A letter from a licensed therapist or mental healthcare professional is required. That letter will act as a prescription for an ESA. In addition the housing facility may require you to have forms filled out by your Dr. or therapist.

Can I have an ESA in housing that has a no pet policy?

Yes you can! Federal law requires that the landlord or property manager accept your animal provided you meet the criteria to have an Emotional Support Animal.

Is an ESA only a dog?

No, almost any domesticated animal can be an ESA.

What if my ESA is a breed they don’t allow?

Landlords cannot discriminate due to the breed or size of your Emotional Support Animal by law they must accept your pet.

Can I be charged a pet deposit for my ESA?

Even if your housing facility accepts pets but normally requires a pet deposit a person with an ESA is not required to pay this fee.

*Please note if your animal damages the property in any way you will be held liable.